Get Lift Inspections and Air Compressor Service from Factory Trained Technicians

Vehicle lifts and air compressors are key lifelines in your shop. Schedule inspections and maintenance plans to ensure a safer, more efficient workplace while detecting wear and reducing ownership costs.

Why Get Your Lift Inspections and Air Compressor Service From Us?

We provide high-quality, detailed inspections and maintenance for each piece of equipment in your facility. Both lifts and air compressors must be inspected and maintained annually to ensure a safe and efficient working environment for employees. This mandate also gives business owners the benefit that their valuable investment stays in proper working condition so the maximum lifespan can be achieved. Lift inspections are conducted by our own ALI Certified Inspectors and comply with all guidelines set by OSHA and the Automotive Lift Institute.

Schedule a Lift Inspection or Compressor Maintenance

Minimize Repairs With Preventative Maintenance

Lift Inspection

Get your lift inspection conducted by an ALI Certified Inspector. Inspections include some routine services, such as cable adjustments, part lubrication, and minor hardware replacements.

Air Compressor
Preventative Maintenance

Get your air compressor maintenance completed by factory trained and certified technicians. Maintenance items include oil and coolant changes, replacement of separator elements, air filters, and belts, along with technical and physical inspections.

First Choice Is an ALI Certified Lift Inspector


Correct Installation Errors

We see it all the time. A garage purchases quality equipment for their shop, but something just isn’t working right. Most of the time, complications with new installations are caused by improper installation methods. Rely on us to correct any errors in your equipment installations, and make recommendations for trouble-free operation, whether you purchased it from us or not!